Custom Balloon Design

Gulf Coast Balloons and Promotions offers completely custom advertising balloons to meet your specific needs. From specific vehicles for auto dealers to business logos and team mascots, we create it all!

Our team of eperience designers will work with you to find out what exactly it is you need, help you through the design process and bring your idea to life. Then our full service installation team will set up, maintain and take down your balloon as well. You dream up what you want, we create it, then it shows up... just that simple!

Beyond creating a custom balloon, we can customize any of our product lines, tailoring a merchandising effort to your company.

To discuss creating a custom advertising balloon or custom package, call 713.898.5176 or toll free at 888-EZMONKEY (396-6653). You can also email us at

Custom Promotions Photos

Bounce House - Verizon
Red Chair
Cricket Wireless Hot Air Balloon
Cricket Wireless Hot Air Balloon 2
Mitsubishi custom
Southwest Airlines custom
Rockets Jersey